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About SOS 3400

This course is designed for students who will receive Social Science Teaching Certification and is typically taken the semester prior to student teaching. This course mixes theoretical and methodological consideration of social science teaching along with a heavy emphasis on practical application, strategy-based instruction, and hands-on experience teaching in our class and in classrooms throughout central Illinois. It will help you prepare to teach the vast array of social studies courses that are taught in Illinois high schools: typically required courses—U.S. history, world history, and American government—as well as the many elective courses offered in Illinois high schools—sociology, psychology, economics, advanced government, and geography. All students enrolled in SOS 3400 are required to complete fifteen clinical observation hours. Throughout the semester, you will work to prepare curriculum, acquire materials, teach lessons, and think broadly and practically about teaching high school social studies. It is our hope that you will leave this course with a “toolbox” of sorts with which to approach student teaching and your future career.