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Internship Expectations

In general, it is expected that interns will

  • communicate immediately with their CTs upon receiving their placement to set up a schedule that works well for the CT and for the intern/pair of interns

  • adhere to the school’s requirements for observation (background checks, badges or check-ins, etc.)

  • be on time and behave as a professional, giving prompt notice if they are to miss any appointments or observations

  • observe the CT teaching on a number of different days (and possibly observe other teachers in the school, depending on what the CT thinks best)

  • discuss and observe a variety of teaching strategies with their CTs, some of which are found in the PEN-SS strategies booklet provided to all CTs and SOS 3400 students

  • participate actively in at least some class sessions, whether that means grading papers, assisting students in work, co-teaching with the CT, etc.

  • teach at least one lesson, either alone or with another intern

  • actively reflect on the internship experience in a paper due at the end of the semester

Professionalism in the PEN-SS School/Classroom

  • Make sure that you have completed your first criminal background investigation; this should not be a problem since you all have done clinical experiences and received this paperwork during your teacher education admission meeting.

  • Wear your Panther Card in an ID/badge holder so it is visible at all times while you are in your school—or wear their visitor badge or whatever form of ID your particular school requires.

  • Park in a spot indicated for a visitor, and make sure to follow their protocol for signing in and out of the building.

  • Dress appropriately: dress like a teacher. Take your dress cues from how your CT and other teachers dress. If you have specific questions, refer to the CEPS guidelines at http://www.eiu.edu/clinical/guidelines.php.

  • If you must miss a session, contact your CT as soon as possible. It would be smart to get a cell phone number from them. Failure to attend or notify of absences may jeopardize your ability to complete your internship.

  • Behave professionally: Be on time, allowing plenty of leeway to park, sign in, and find your classroom. Treat your CT with respect, and maintain an appropriate distance from students (i.e., behave as their teacher and not their peer/friend).

  • Remember that you are representing not only yourself but EIU, and that your behavior during your internship will have a direct impact on whether teachers/schools allow future students to complete internships in their classroom/building.

  • Write a thank-you note to your CT upon completion of your internship.