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Overview:Every student in SOS 3400 is required to complete 15 hours of pre-student teaching clinical experiences. These clinical experiences may consist of either a series of classroom observations (all in Social Studies classrooms) or, if you wish, a placement with one teacher in central Illinois school. Experiences other than those related to Social Science may not be applied toward the clinical requirement.

Procedure for Arranging Clinical Visits: Arrangements are to be made by signing up for visits at Buzzard. You may do your observation hours at a school other than Mattoon or Charleston, but that school must have a contract with Eastern. You should check with the Clinical Experiences office first- new contracts require a minimum of four weeks to complete. When you arrive at the school you should go immediately to the main office, introduce yourself and sign the EIU Student Observation/Visitor Register. You must do this BEFORE you visit any classroom. Make sure that you have completed your first criminal background investigation; this should not be a problem since you all have done clinical experiences and received this paperwork during your teacher education admission meeting.


  • Wear your Panther Card in an ID/badge holder so it is visible at all times while you are in your school—or wear their visitor badge or whatever form of ID your particular school requires.
  • Park in a spot indicated for a visitor, and make sure to follow the school protocol for signing in and out of the building.
  • Dress appropriately: dress like a teacher. Take your dress cues from how your CT and other teachers dress. If you have specific questions, refer to the CEPS guidelines at http://www.eiu.edu/clinical/guidelines.php.
  • Behave professionally: Be on time, allowing plenty of leeway to park, sign in, and find your classroom. Treat the classroom teacher with respect, and maintain an appropriate distance from students (i.e., behave as their teacher and not their peer/friend).
  • Remember that you are representing not only yourself but EIU, and that your behavior during your internship will have a direct impact on whether teachers/schools allow future students to complete internships in their classroom/building.

Clinical Experience Record Sheets: You must complete a Clinical Experience Record for each visit—making note of the date, the name of the school, a brief description of the activity or class observed, the amount of time spent, and then have each classroom teacher, or supervisor sign off and date the form for that visit. Type a page for each visit. Describe what you observed during that visit. Attach this to the Clinical Experience Record Sheet. When you have completed the Record Sheet, make a copy for your file and turn the original in to me. You will also submit a clinical experiences journal.