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Tau Theta Psi

Type: Greek
Membership Types: EIU Students/Faculty
Web: http://www.facebook.com/groups/30525237285796


Since the beginning of time, man has had one essential need. That need is to be part of a greater whole. Millions of the world’s organisms, including humans, have always gathered together. They have always created tribes, clans, sects, herds, packs, communities, schools, and flocks. We are always compelled to be together. Whether it is to assure protection, for hunting, for gathering, for warmth, raising the young, lightening work load, or achieving self-actualization or even fulfilling Maslow’s Hierarchy, it always has been done. Close groups become like “families” giving and receiving love, providing support in times of need, and treasuring each member’s unique qualities. University and Greek Life have been accredited for years as being the place where members found their “family” and made connections that lasted for the rest of their lives. These sort of connections are truly vital, during a time when people are trying to find themselves true friends are needed. However not all people fit in to the Greek lifestyle or can afford the lifestyle. Tau Theta Psi believes that those students should still be able to find a “family” similar to what their peers have. Tau Theta Psi maintains a safe and accepting “family” for any student regardless of income, race, gender, sexual preference, subculture, ethnicity, background, family, size, or beliefs to create the connections vital to transitioning from childhood to the real world. Tau Theta Psi stands to create a Greek Life environment for an alternative student body. We strive to make sure any student that is looking for a place to call home can find one regardless of any differences.

Advisors and Board Members

Name Affiliation Email Phone
Ryan L McDaniel Advisor rlmcdaniel@eiu.edu 2175812016