Registered Student Organization Listings

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A-Z Index - Total Listed: 14

Organization: Baptist Collegiate Ministries/ Campus Outreach
Advisor: Jonathan Crask
Classification: Religious
Organization: Best Buddies
Advisor: Melissa Jones
Classification: Service
Organization: Beta Alpha Psi
Advisor: Jaysinha Shinde
Classification: Honorary
Organization: Beta Beta Beta
Advisor: Kai Hung
Classification: Academic
Organization: Beta Gamma Sigma
Advisor: Mike Wilson
Classification: Honorary
Organization: Beta Psi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi
Advisor: Linda Reven
Classification: Honorary
Organization: Beta Psi Omega
Advisor: Aaron Melton
Classification: Academic
Organization: Big Brothers Big Sisters
Advisor: William Lovekamp
Classification: Service
Organization: Biological Sciences Graduate Student Association
Advisor: Charles Pederson
Classification: Academic
Organization: Black Graduate Student Association
Advisor: Mona Davenport
Classification: Academic
Organization: Black Student Union
Advisor: Leah Reynolds
Classification: Multicultural
Organization: Botany Club
Advisor: Nancy Coutant
Classification: Academic
Organization: Bowling Club of EIU
Advisor: Blake Wolf
Classification: Athletic
Organization: Boyz Of Poison Chapter 4
Classification: Social

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Academic: 45
Athletic: 15
Governing: 5
Greek: 34
Honorary: 18
Multicultural: 10
Political: 2
Religious: 15
Service: 17
Social: 18
Other: 9
Total RSO: 188