Starting an Organization

The idea of starting a new organization is always a blast, but not always the easiest of tasks to execute. No need to worry though, because there is help! The Student Life Office has many useful resources to guide you along every step of the way to your successful organization.

Online Resources

The Eastern Illinois University Registered Student Organization Booklet is a major asset afforded to organizations new and recurring and is a guide that should be referred to frequently. This booklet has a wealth of information ranging from the building blocks of a new organization to the benefits available to RSOs. Please use this resource as this can bring you closer to the success of becoming EIU's newest Registered Student Organization!

iLead EIU is another great resources provided by the Student Life Office that can provide your organization with skills, training, and development techniques to better your organization. Using this information from the beginning is very useful and can be an integral part of the success of your organization. For more information about iLead EIU, click the link below.

The Application Process

Please read and follow all instructions to ensure your application is processed. Any error will delay processing or void your entire application! If you have any questions, please contact us using the information listed to the left.

If you are a new organization registering, please be aware that you will need the following to begin:

  • Basic Organization Information (including a current number of members)
  • Advisor(s) Information
  • Executive (or leadership) Board Information
  • Names of at least 10 Members
  • An Electronic Copy of the Organization's Constitution and, if available, the Bylaws

Please have all this information available before you begin. Failure to provide any of this information will result in the rejection of the application. If you have any questions about what is required for the application, please contact the Student Life Office.

If you are already an RSO and need to re-register for the school year, please login to the RSO database and update information that has changed.

Please read and follow ALL instructions to ensure the application is processed. ANY ERRORS WILL DELAY PROCESSING OR VOID YOUR ENTIRE APPLICATION!

Start The Application!