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Here is a helpful and printable, resource sheet.

EIU Counseling Center – Provides mental health and wellness counseling and support for all students and has counselors with specialties in providing treatment to traumatized students.  Counselors can assist students in addressing their concerns related to safety, academics, housing, transportation and work.  Daytime phone 217-581-3413,  www.eiu.edu/counsctr/

For after-hours and weekend emergencies, please contact a Life Links crisis counselor at 1-866-567-2400.

EIU Health Service—Provides medical attention and referral.  Phone 217-581-2727 (nurse),www.eiu.edu/health/

EIU Housing—Provides options for addressing concerns of housing.  Phone   217-581-5111, www.eiu.edu/housing

EIU Student Health Insurance—Provides information related to medical expenses and student health insurance.  Phone   217-581-5290, http://eiu.edu/studentinsurance/

Transportation—Dial A Ride–Affordable transportation services in the community. Phone 217-639-5169, www.colescouncilonaging.org/dialaride.

Additional Resources:

Emergency - Phone 911, Blue Lights on campus connect to University Police Department

University Police Department  Phone 217-581-3222 www.eiu.edu/police/

EIU Student Standards Phone 217-581-3827. www.eiu.edu/judicial/

EIU Civil Rights and Diversity Phone 217-581-5020, www.eiu.edu/~civil/

Student Legal Services Phone 217-581-6054, http://castle.eiu.edu/~sls/



Charleston Police Department Phone 217-348-5221 www.charlestonillinois.org. 

HOPE Coalition Against Domestic Violence  Phone 217-348-5931, www.hope-eci.org. 

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center, Phone 217-348-2525, www.sarahbush.org.  

SACIS Sexual Assault Counseling and Information Services  Phone 217-348-5033, toll free 888-345-2846.  www.sacis.org.


Additional Websites:


Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network:  www.rainn.org

www.lambdalegal.org  (Same-sex assaults)

www.NCAVP.org (Same-sex assaults)

www.avp.org (Same-sex assaults)

National Domestic Violence Hotline:  (800) 799-7233 http://www.thehotline.org/resources/