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Reporting Options


Deciding whether or not to file a complaint against an alleged perpetrator can be very difficult.  Many concerns can be a part of the difficulty.  Often students worry about family/friends/others finding out, not wanting to have to remember and verbally share the trauma they experienced and wanting to not be reminded of the assault, to name a few.  There is no right or wrong decision in filing a complaint.  It is most important to consider what is in the best interest for the well being and safety of the individual.  There may be cases if the University is aware of the sexual assault in which they may need to proceed with a complaint against the alleged perpetrator without the cooperation of the alleged victim for the safety of campus.  Survivors are often concerned that if they are underage and were drinking at the time of their assault, they will be punished for underage drinking if they report the assault. In general, the university police will not file charges against a sexual assault survivor for underage drinking.  Lindsay Wilson at the EIU Counseling Center, 581-3413, is trained to assist students in providing support through counseling, advocacy and assistance in filing a complaint if desired.   


EIU student survivors of sexual assault  may report

the assault to one or all of the following university


The University Police Department (UPD)

Location:         7th and Grant (directly east of the University Union)

Phone:             581-3213 (911 if an emergency)

UPD provides professional law enforcement services to the campus community.  They can receive, process, and investigate complaints of sexual assault and then forward information to the Coles County State’s Attorney for appropriate action if the complainant wishes to pursue a criminal complaint.


The Office of Student Standards

Location:         University Union – Lower Level

Phone:             581-3827

The Office of Student Standards enforces the Student Code of Conduct. This Office may take disciplinary action for violations of the Student Code of Conduct, including violations related to sexual misconduct.  The Director is also a Title IX Deputy Coordinator.  Once a complaint is received, the Office of Student Standards will collect information and determine whether to proceed administratively or whether to send the matter to a board hearing (the more likely outcome).  The board will receive testimony from witnesses and will review applicable evidence or documentation.  The board uses the “preponderance of the evidence” standard.  Click here to view their procedures.  To file a report of sexual assault or interpersonal violence using the Office of Student Standards' online form, click here.


The Office of Civil Rights and Diversity

Title IX Coordinator 

Location:         1011 Old Main

Phone:             581-5020

Hours:             Office is open M-F from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and by appointment.

The Office of Civil Rights and Diversity investigates complaints of sexual harassment according to the sexual harassment policy.  A single instance of sexual assault can also violate the University’s sexual harassment policy.  This office reviews and investigates allegations of sexual assault to the extent that such an act would violate the sexual harassment policy and/or Title IX.  Once a complaint is received, witnesses are interviewed and evidence is examined.  An investigative report with conclusions and recommendations is issued to the appropriate vice president usually within sixty days.  This office uses the “preponderance of the evidence” standard.  The complainant or the accused person can appeal the findings to the University President.