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What could be more important than investing in the next generation of original thinkers?  


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The Prairie Spark Entrepreneurship Kick-Off and Teacher  E-Professional Program creates e-clubs and experiential programming for youths age 8 to 18 in the region. 


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This afterschool Entrepreneurship Club is a pilot program for all interested 7-8th graders in Effingham County. It will meet on most Thursdays from 3:30 - 5 pm at Effingham Junior High School (EJHS). Communities that are interested in starting a club are encouraged to contact our office for more information.




Leadership Marhsall    

 Prairie Spark Youth  Leadership Program is a one to three hour entrepreneurship training that defines innovation and entrepreneurship and provides a creative,  hands-on activity that helps students think outside the box.


All Terrain Brain

All Terrain Brain


All Terrain Brain is a low cost program taught to children ages 8-12 by Eastern Illinois University students studying to be business teachers. All Terrain Brain is designed to get children thinking and explore being an entrepreneur. It helps them develop their critical-thinking skills through exciting, hands-on activities, while also developing their problem solving abilities and encouraging creativity.