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What is Ad Astra version 7.5?

Ad Astra version 7.5 is a web-based scheduling system that integrates with Banner and allows academic scheduling and event scheduling to come together in one system. It coordinates rooms, resources, billing, notifications, timetables, and exams. The event management tool allows event coordinators and resource managers the ability to assign customers, resources, services, room set up instructions and billing all in one system to ensure complete and successful activity coordination.

Ad Astra version 7.5 delivers a large number (100+) of standard reports, including data for academics, events, resources, space utilization, system administration and more.

When will the upgrade to Ad Astra version 7.5 be completed?

The Ad Astra upgrade to version 7.5 will be in use before the start of the Fall 2014 semester.

Why upgrade to Ad Astra version 7.5?

Ad Astra notified EIU in January 2013 that they would no longer be supporting version 6 (our current version) of the scheduling software effective 12/31/13. After researching various scheduling tools, it was decided that Ad Astra version 7.5 would best meet our needs.

When will training be available?

Tuesday, July 8, and Wednesday, July 9, 2014