Office of the Registrar Strategic Plan


The Office of the Registrar is committed to serving the needs of all prospective and current students, faculty, staff, alumni and external constituents. We provide student-centered services in the areas of registration, classroom scheduling, and reporting, as well as ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the University’s academic records. The office provides administrative and logistical support for the institution’s academic programs.


The Office of the Registrar will continue to provide excellent customer service to students, faculty, staff, alumni and other constituents. Decisions that are made and implemented will be student-focused to provide the best educational experiences possible for Eastern students.


  • Explore the use of mobile apps and web apps to provide easy access to information.
  • Collaborate with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships and the Bursar’s Office to develop One-Stop Student Services for students.
  • Analyze and update technology within the Office of the Registrar to ensure efficient service.
  • Continue to image documents within the confines of the Office of the Registrar to permanently archive them and regain the use of space now used for storage.
  • Encourage the academic advising task force to explore ways to replace paper documents with electronic ones to facilitate moving student files from Admissions to Financial Aid, Office of the Registrar, Academic Advising, departmental advisers and deans' offices.
  • Continue to review services provided to community college students to ensure that we are meeting their needs and look for ways to enhance services already offered.
  • Participate on EWorx and implement actions that will support the University’s enrollment efforts.

Creating a One-Stop Student Services area is a best practice that will be pursued within the next two or three years. This will require collaboration with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships and the Bursar’s Office to design an environment that best serves our students. A One-Stop Student Services area would allow students the convenience of visiting one area to talk with representatives about financial aid, student billing, registration and academic record issues. This would also allow the staff members within the 3 areas to interact more closely to resolve student problems much more quickly.

As the use of mobile technology grows, so will the needs and demands of the students. The Office of the Registrar will evaluate the potential uses of this technology to determine which of the services we offer can be offered through a mobile application. One of the main considerations in using mobile applications is maintaining the security of student privacy and the student’s academic record. Some items that could potentially be provided through a mobile application is the student’s registration schedule, information pertaining to registration times and dates, reminders of pending drop and withdrawal deadlines, dates for official University holidays and, if the application was considered secure enough, grade information.

We will also continue to evaluate new functionalities that are introduced into Banner and Ad Astra to ensure we are maximizing our use of the software. Banner will soon be introducing a web-based version that will need to be thoroughly evaluated to determine how we can best utilize it to provide the information that students require to be successful at Eastern. Utilizing Astra and new functionality that it may introduce will allow Eastern to capitalize on space usage which may help save on energy used to operate buildings that are not being fully utilized.

Sending staff members to conferences such as the Ellucian Event, the American Association of Collegiate Registrar and Admission Officers Annual Conference, and the Illinois Association of Collegiate Registrar and Admission Officers Annual Conference is one of the best practices that we will follow. This will allow staff members to stay up to date on new initiatives under way at other institutions. It will also feed the creative imagination of staff members so that we will continue to develop services that will benefit all of our constituents.