Privacy Rights of Students

To read the University Policy on Confidentiality of Student Records, click here.
To read the Official Student Notice of Privacy Rights, click here.

Request to Withhold Directory Information

Eastern Illinois University students may request that directory information pertaining to them be withheld. To make such a request, the student needs to complete a "Request to Withhold Directory Information".

This form is effective until the student submits a signed, written request asking the restriction be revoked. If the form is not completed by the published deadline, it is not possible for us to restrict the printing of your name in the Eastern directory.

Please see the official notice that is linked above and emailed during the first 10 days of the fall semester for the deadline to submit a request to withhold directory information.

Before signing the "Request to Withhold Directory Information" you should carefully read the following:

  • If you request that all information be withheld, your presence on campus will not be acknowledged to anyone.
  • It will prevent the Office of the Registrar from verifying any information regarding your record to anyone, including yourself, over the telephone or in writing without your signed, written consent. If a call about your record is received, the following response will be given:
    "There is no information available on that person."
  • Your name will not be published in the commencement program.

Students who obtain a personal electronic mail account through the University should be aware that their name, student status, and email "address" cannot be withheld from internet access.

If after having considered this information you would like to request that directory information be withheld, complete this form and bring it to Room 1220 Old Main.

Location of Most Commonly Kept Student Records

Record Location Custodian
Permanent Academic Record (Transcript) Office of the Registrar Registrar
Graduation Checklist Office of the Dean of the College Dean
Disciplinary Office of Student Standards Judicial Officer
Financial Aid Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Director of Financial Aid
Student Financial Records Office of Bursar/Student Accounts University Bursar
Placement Credentials Career Services Director of Career Services
Health and Medical Records University Health Services Director of Health Services
Admissions Records (Undergraduate) Admissions Office Director of Admissions
Admissions Records (Graduate) Graduate School Dean of Graduate School


FERPA Release

Note: Advisors and faculty who receive release forms from a student and verify the student's identity by photo I.D. should sign the form. Please send the form to the Office of the Registrar for imaging with the student's record.