Late Withdrawals

When a documented illness or other extraordinary circumstance prevents withdrawal from a course by the established deadlines, a student may request a late withdrawal through the course instructor.

Failing a course is not an appropriate reason to seek a late withdrawal. Students failing a course should follow the repeating courses policy stated in the catalog.

The deadline for initiating a late withdrawal is March 15 for the immediately preceding Fall semester and October 15 for the immediately preceding Spring or Summer semester.

A late withdrawal request will be denied by the Office of the Registrar; all appeals are forwarded to the Appeal Committee, whose decision is final.

Procedures for Submitting/Responding to Late Withdrawal Requests

  • Students seeking a total medical withdrawal should be referred to Health Services or the Counseling Center.
  • The student should complete a "late withdrawal request" form (obtained from the Office of the Registrar), which clearly states the reason for the request. Take this form to the instructor of the course.
  • The course instructor should sign the form, provide information regarding the withdrawal and forward it to the chair of the department in which the course was taught.
  • The chair should sign the form, make a recommendation regarding the granting of the request and forward the form to the Office of the Registrar.

Upon receipt of the completed form, the registrar will determine the granting of a late withdrawal consistent with applicable policy. The Office of the Registrar will forward all appeals of the registrar's determination of late withdrawal requests to the Appeal Committee, whose decision is final.

Effective Fall 2008, students will be assessed a non-refundable $25 late withdrawal fee per late semester hour requested. There is a maximum of $100 per occurrence.


  • A student withdraws from a three-semester hour course.
    3 X $25 = $75.00 charge for late withdrawal.
  • Student enrolled in 12 semester hours and withdraws from all courses at the same time.
    $100 maximum charged per occurrence.
  • This fee will be assessed upon the request of late withdrawal no matter the final outcome (approved/denied).