Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions from Students

Registration Questions

How do I find the deadline to drop or withdraw from a course that may not run for the full term?

There is a link on the Office of the Registrar webpage to a course drop date tool, that displays the drop and withdrawal dates by CRN for current term courses.

You’ll also receive an email to your EIU address reminding you of the drop and withdrawal deadlines.

Can I audit a course?

Yes, but you will still be charged the full tuition.  Requests to audit are made with this form and must be signed by the faculty member and delivered to the office of the registrar during the first 6 calendar days following the first class.  More details are in the catalog.

Can courses be taken credit/no credit?

Some courses that normally have standard grades can be taken Credit/No Credit by sophomores, juniors and seniors. Look in the catalog for the excluded types of courses.  If you want to do so, use this form and submit the request to the Registrar’s Office by the 10th day of the semester. (Changing back to standard grades if desired, can only be done before the withdrawal deadline.)

Grade questions

When are final grades posted and how do I see them?

Final grades will be posted by 8 AM the morning after the deadline for submission of grades, as shown on the Academic Calendar  You may see your grades in PAWS at that time. If you have a hold which prevents you from seeing your grades, you may come to the Office of the Registrar with your panther card and we will show you your grades. We cannot print them out for you or tell you the grades over the phone.

Who receives midterm grades and how do I see them?

Instructors are supposed to submit mid-semester grades for all students earning grades of D or F in lower-division courses; they may submit other grades such as grades of D or F in upper division courses or grades of A, B, C in any courses.

If midterm grades are submitted in your courses, you may view them in PAWS at the midterm grade link under Student Records.

How long are midterm grades visible?

Midterm grades will disappear on PAWS 12-15 days before Final Grades appear.

Do midterm grades appear on the transcript?


What do the grades and special symbols on my transcript mean? 

See the key that appears on the back of EIU transcripts here.

Degree and Diploma Questions

When will my degree be posted to my transcript or available for verification? 

It may take up to 5 weeks after grades are due for your certification officer in your college to notify us that your requirements were complete.   

How can I tell in PAWS that my degree has been certified by the certification officer?

If your degree has been certified by your college, the degree award date will be filled in on academic transcript in PAWS. 

Transfer Questions

How can I find out if EIU will accept transfer course from another college?

Transfer credit from any regionally accredited college or university will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Schools normally list their accrediting body on their website.  The six “regional” accreditors are:

Higher Learning Commission (North Central States)

Middle States Commission on Higher Education

New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Western Association of Schools and Colleges

How can I tell how a specific transfer course will come in?

Transfer credit rules are described in the catalog in the Academic Regulations section.  Specific course evaluations can be found at My Credits Transfer/Transferology.  If your course isn’t listed there, you may ask the evaluators in the Office of the Registrar.

Will my EIU transcript show the details of the courses I take elsewhere?

No.  The EIU transcript will report the courses you take at EIU.  There will be a section at the top of your transcript that lists the hours accepted in transfer from other schools. 

Why don’t I qualify for an upperclassman parking pass?

Taking junior courses isn’t enough to qualify.  You need to have earned or transferred 60 hours to purchase an upperclassman parking pass. If you delay having a transcript sent, you will need to contact an evaluator in the Office of the Registrar to determine if you qualify.

Transcript Questions

Does Eastern provide unofficial transcripts to students/alumni?

No, all transcripts from Eastern are official regardless of how they are sent.

Can you send a copy of my transcript from my high school or previous college to another school or employer?

No.  The transcript we have was issued by the other institution as an official record of your enrollment, grades and degrees earned at that institution.  We use it for admissions and transfer credit decisions, but we have no authorization to release it to any other school or to an employer or even to you.  You must request an official transcript directly from the institution that created the transcript originally.  This is the standard practice at colleges and universities.

Frequent Faculty/Advisor Questions

What will be the exam schedule in a future term?       

Standard Fall Exam Schedule:

Standard Spring Exam Schedule:

Why are the grade choices in the grade roster unusual?

Most courses use the Standard grading scheme of A, B, C, D, F with the course counting toward the students GPA and hours earned counting toward graduation.  But sometimes a course does not count in GPA or toward graduation (for example a pre-college level math class taken in preparation for college level work.)  A few other courses have special rules that allow the grade to count in GPA but not in hours toward graduation.  In order to have Banner process these grades correctly, a different grading scheme is used with an X preceding the grade (XA, XB, etc) when the course does not count in GPA or hours, and an R preceding the grade (RA, RB, etc) when the course does count in GPA but not in hours.  Those grades are what faculty will see in the drop down options for grades in the roster.

I forgot to submit my midterm grades! What should I do?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a mechanism to submit late midterm grades because they are processed differently than final grades.  Midterms never move to the transcript so to “capture” that information ITS runs the “midterm freeze” and freezes those grades to a table.  The reports run by the student success center to notify students with poor grades are run from the frozen data.  Since that freeze occurs at the close of the day grades are due we can’t change the data after the fact. We normally suggest the instructor email the student directly with the grade information.  That makes sure the student still gets the warning the midterm grade is intended to convey.

I forgot to submit my final grades! What should I do?

If grades were not submitted by the deadline you should submit grade changes from the current “X” (indicating a missing grade) to the correct grade.  Please do so as quickly as possible so the “X” grade doesn’t create a hardship for the student. To submit a grade change use the Grade Change link under the Faculty Services tab in PAWS.  

Where can I find a list of the available Parts of Term for a semester?

Those can be found here.

I am unable to view course descriptions in the online catalog when using Google Chrome! What should I do?

You will need to clear the browser's cache. Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Del] and change "Clear the following items from" to "the beginning of time" and click "Clear browsing data".

How does an advisor send an e-mail to all of their advisees at once?

Use the existing advisee distribution list created for each advisor. Details here.

Frequent Department Questions on Course Building

What section number do I use?

  • If the section is being built by the department, section 001 – 599 may be used. 
  • If the section is for an online course and being built by the department, Continuing Education will assign a section number in the lower 600 series.
  • If the section is being offered through Continuing Education, they will assign a section number greater than 610.
  • High School Dual Credit courses are the only ones allowed to use section numbers 150, or 240-249.

Do I have to send paperwork to Continuing Education if the department wants to offer an online course?

Yes.  Departments should complete a Course Information Form and submit it to Continuing Education.  They will verify, code and return to the department for section building.

Where do I schedule classes?

Classes are scheduled in the Ad Astra scheduling system.

Where can I find a list of the available Parts of Term for a semester?

Those can be found here.

Frequent Department Questions on Registration 

How late can a student add themselves to the waitlist?

Waitlist registration for regular part of term codes (FH, SH, FT, 1 and EIU) will end the day before classes begin for that part of term, but waitlist registration for special part of term codes will end the last day of the month prior to the start date.

When are waitlists purged?

Spring & Fall - Waitlists for regular part of term codes will be purged on the first day of class for the term.

Summer - Waitlists for the summer term will be purged on the first day of class for each official session.

All terms - Waitlists for special part of term codes normally will be purged on the first day of the month in which they begin.

Details can be viewed here.

How long after the semester starts may a department add or drop students from a Fall or Spring class?

  • Departments can add or drop students from a classes being offered for the full Fall or Spring term through the 10th day of class.
  • Requests for adds or drops after 10th day should be sent to the Office of the Registrar at  Late add requests should include a brief explanation on why the student didn’t register by the due date and Department Chair approval.

When does the course schedule become visible for students and advisors?

The spring schedule is usually available beginning September 10th and the Summer and Fall schedules are usually available on January 10th. These can be seen through PAWS or here

When are students assigned alternate PINs? 

Alternate PIN numbers are generated and visible to advisors for Spring registration after August 20, and for Summer and Fall registration after January 10.