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Site Application for Therapeutic Rec

Site Application for Therapeutic Rec

Agency-Site Application for Student Intern in Therapeutic Recreation

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  • * The above named Agency-Site agrees to accept students for internships from Academic-Unit. The Agency-Site recognizes that the Academic-Unit’s goal is to assign students according to their interests and abilities; therefore this is only an application. If such a relationship is perceived, the Academic-Unit will be in contact soon thereafter.

  • - Please indicate in the spaces provided how the student will be exposed to the following domains while attending your Agency-Site.

  • Opportunities to understand etiologies, symptoms and treatments associated with the populations served at the Agency-Site.

  • Opportunities to understand the rationale for assessment selection (i.e., reliability, validity, practicality, etc.) and procedures required for selected instruments. Explain how domains are assessed (i.e., cognitive, social, motor, emotional, leisure background, etc.).

  • Opportunities to plan (using outcome oriented goals & behavioral objectives), develop, and promote a variety of recreation activities and programs; gain insight into the many details and facets involved in planning (i.e., normalization principles, inclusion, advocacy, etc.).

  • Opportunities to lead sessions, using various leadership styles / techniques and equipment appropriate for given conditions.

  • Opportunities to understand the importance of accountability and be exposed to all documentation required by regulating agencies (i.e., third-party reimbursement, JCAHO, CARF, HCFA, Community Based Regulators, etc.). Methods of documenting & interpreting progress, discharge, and transition plans.

  • Opportunities to promote the therapeutic recreation program and agency-site (e.g., press releases, fliers, brochures, attendance at civic and professional group meetings, collaboration, etc.).

  • Opportunities to observe and become involved in the business affairs of the Agency-Site. Such experiences include operations and procedures, budgeting and financial planning, bookkeeping and accounting services, and computer operations when available. Opportunities to observe personnel administration related areas such as employment and promotional practices, staff conferences, and meetings are encouraged. Awareness of “Quality Improvement” components (i.e., utilization review, monitoring, outcome indicators, risk management, infection control, etc.).

  • Opportunities to acquire skills, developing the student intern into the most efficient, effective, and successful therapist possible.

  • ** Additionally, please submit the following to the Academic-Unit Internship Coordinator prior to final approval of the Agency-Site being accepted as an internship Agency-Site:

  • - Remuneration offered by the Agency-Site (if any; i.e., salary, housing, etc.).
    - A description of the mission and goals of the Agency-Site, present services offered, as well as those being developed.
    - Resume(s) of Agency-Site Internship Supervisor(s)

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