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Agency-Site Application for Rec Admin

Agency-Site Application for Rec Admin

Agency-Site application for student intern in recreation administration

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  • * The above named Agency-Site agrees to accept to students for internships from Academic-Unit. The Agency-Site recognizes that the Academic-Unit's goal is to assign students according to their interests and abilities; therefore this is only an application. If such a relationship is perceived, the Academic-Unit will be in contact soon thereafter.

  • - Please indicate in the spaces provided how the student will be exposed to the following 11 content areas while attending your Agency-Site.

  • Examples include: analyzing budgets, fees and charges, external funding sources, purchase requisitions/orders, examining how budgets and capital improvement programs are managed, completing cash handling practices, etc.

  • Examples include: examining job descriptions, performance appraisals, supervision policies, interpreting personnel issues, appraising work schedules, employee grievance processes, orientations, training programs, working with seasonal, part-time and volunteer staff, etc.

  • Examples include: inspecting agency policies and operations manual, appraising agency's policy decision making process, analyzing advocacy activities, etc.

  • Examples include: Completing networking activities with related organizations, examining agency's vision, mission and markets, constructing promotional materials, public information services, packets for special issues, analyzing public relations efforts, practicing customer service, etc.

  • Examples include: Analyzing individual/group/program needs, resources, etc.

  • Examples include: Constructing program and participant goals and objectives, practicing ADA compliance, examining program development including activities, logistics and scheduling, etc.

  • Examples include: Employing direct leadership of recreation activities including teaching, equipment use and supervision, analyzing program registration, facility reservations, inclusion practices and related paperwork, etc.

  • Examples include: Completing program and participant evaluations, constructing program/agency reports, etc.

  • Examples include: Interpreting agency's strategic plan, examining partnerships, facility policies and operations, etc.

  • Examples include: Examining agency's maintenance standards and plans, energy efficient procedures, preventive maintenance, etc.

  • Examples include: Inspecting opening/closing procedures for facilities, employing safety and security procedures, analyzing facility management procedures, etc.

  • ** Additionally, please submit the following to the Academic-Unit Internship Coordinator prior to final approval of the Agency-site being accepted as an internship Agency-Site:

  • - Remuneration offered by the Agency-Site (if any; i.e., salary, housing, etc.)
    - Resume(s) of Agency-Site Internship Supervisor(s)

  • Eastern Illinois University Department of Recreation Administration appreciates your cooperation and support. Again, our goal is to assign students according to their interests and abilities. If such a relationship is perceived, we will be contacting you very soon with additional information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (217) 581-3018. Please submit this application to Eastern Illinois University, Department of Recreation Administration.

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