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Undergraduate Research

Numerous opportunities exist for psychology students to earn credit towards the major and graduation by assisting faculty members in various phases of research including library research, data collection, data entry, and data analyses. Advanced students are encouraged to conduct their own research project under the direction of a psychology faculty member.


Undergraduate Internships

The undergraduate internship program in psychology involves preparation for and completion of an internship in a site such as human services, human resources, child and/or adolescent services, or the criminal justice system. Academic credit for both the orientation to undergraduate internship prerequisite course (PSY 4274) and the internship itself (PSY 4275) is generic; it does not count either toward the major or toward general education requirements. The orientation course covers the “nuts and bolts” of setting up an internship, including ethical issues pertinent to the sites in which students intern, the enrollment process, the dual supervision requirement, matching interests to site, and interviewing skills relative to acquiring an intern position. In addition, some time is spent exploring the connection between the internship experience and future academic and/or occupational goals. Completion of an undergraduate internship has improved some students’ chances of admission to certain applied graduate programs. In other cases, completion of an internship has led to employment in a school-based, substance disorders treatment, domestic violence, mental health, or human resources setting upon graduation.

Internship Sites

In the Coles County area, there is a wide range of undergraduate internship sites available to psychology students. Some of the general areas in which to intern include women’s services, children’s services, mental health, public health, hospital settings, day-treatment programs, developmental disabilities agencies, chemical dependency treatment programs, educational settings, family law and forensic settings, sexual assault victim services, and domestic violence programs. Industrial psychology sites, typically in human resource departments, are also available. On occasion, students choose to intern in other parts of the state when a summer internship is secured.

Internship Experiences