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Printing and Mounting

Poster Boards

  • The Psychology Department has boards mounted along the 1st floor hallway of the Physical Sciences Bldg. The cork background of these boards will sometimes be covered with color paper (usually dark blue or black) by the Department.

Preparing & Printing Your Poster

  • Your poster will be printed at Panther Printing in the Union by your 3805 teacher.
    • In order for it to be printed and ready on time, your teacher will need to email it to Panther Printing ONE WEEK ahead of time. So, Panther Printing must have it by Tuesday the week before the last week of classes.
    • Keep in mind that your teacher may want to review and/or edit your poster prior to that deadline. 
  • You will pick up your poster either from your teacher or Panther Printing. You must mount your poster onto your assigned poster board at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the Forum.
The Psychology Department will have pushpins or staplers available.