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 Harold G. Coe, PhD

Harold G. Coe, PhD

Dr. Coe joined the psychology department in 1965. He had previous teaching experience in experimental psychology and had served as director of employee selection and training at the Ball Corporation. His dissertation was titled: "Studies in glass bottle selection."

Dr. Coe served as department chair from 1968 to 1974; interestingly, back in 1968, department chairs were called "Department Leaders" and were appointed by the University President. Over his career he taught many different disciplines of psychology that included research methods, social, applied and industrial psychology. Dr. Coe is a life-long member of Sigma Xi Honorary Research Society and he is particularly interested in psychological testing and affirmative action.

Since his retirement in 1990, Dr. Coe continues to refine his golf game, whenever possible. He currently divides his time between summering locally in Charleston and wintering in Texas. 

Years of Service 


Graduate Degree

Purdue University (1956)

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