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 Clayton E. Tucker-Ladd, PhD

Clayton E. Tucker-Ladd, PhD


University of Iowa (1960)University of Iowa (1960)

Years of Service


Dr. Tucker-Ladd was Chair of the Psychology Department from 1974-1980. While Chair, he developed a Paraprofessional BA degree program aligning with his passion to bring psychology to more people.

Dr. Tucker-Ladd's life-long research interest was expressed in his book titled "Psychological Self-Help." His book can be found online at www.psychologicalselfhelp.org. Through the website, it is estimated that his self-help strategies have reached more than a million people, certainly fulfilling his desire to make psychology available to everyone or "giving psychology away."

During the 1990's, Dr. Tucker-Ladd maintained a small private practice, ran some groups, and continued to collaborate with colleagues. Dr. Tucker-Ladd passed away in early 2010 at the age of 78. 

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