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 William T. Bailey, PhD

William T. Bailey, PhD

Dr. Bailey came to EIU shortly after receiving his doctorate in psychology from Tulane University in 1988. During his time at EIU, Dr. Bailey taught a variety of courses including Theories of Personality, Psychology of Maturity and Old Age and Industrial-Organizational Psychology.  He was also a contributing faculty member in EIU’s Gerontology graduate program. His research interests included perceptual and motor skills and gerontology.  He also was also an early researcher in the area of father-child relations pertaining to development.

Dr. Bailey’s versatility, willingness to take on any subject, and his passion for teaching were well known.  He considered all of his students to be family.  And, he is remembered for having sent holiday cards to all his students and fellow faculty members every year.  Dr. Bailey passed away in January 2006. 

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Tulane University (1988)

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