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Dr.  Ronan S Bernas

Dr. Ronan S Bernas


Office: 3043 - Physical Science
Phone: 217-581-6416
Email: rsbernas@eiu.edu

Frequently Taught Courses

Undergraduate Advanced Statistics, Undergraduate Research Methods and Experimental Design, Graduate Advanced Statistics.  Other courses taught in the past:  History of Psychology, Cognitive Processes, Theories of Learning.


B.S. Management Engineering, Ateneo de Manila University
Committee on Research Methodology and Quantitative Psychology, The University of Chicago
M.A. (Committee on Human Development), The University of Chicago
Ph.D. in Psychology (Committee on Human Development), The University of Chicago


1)  Mindfulness/Mindful awareness (present moment, nonjudgmental states of mind);  2) Buddhist model of psychological well-being ;  3) Happiness  or well-being;  4) Cognitive processes involved in ‘wisdom’ (e.g., dialectical thinking);   5) ‘Quiet ego’ (transcending the ego or the self;  Buddhist notion of ‘no-self’ or  ‘empty self’ and its role in psychological well-being);  6) Dialectical self and well-being;  7) Religious/spiritual thought and cognitions;  8) Insightful understanding, meaning construction, and reflective judgments;  9) Phenomenological (first-person) approaches to studying the mind;  10) Cultural differences in thinking.

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