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Psychology Department Assessment

Congratulations to the Psychology Department Assessment Committee for earning a first place for the Provost’s Assessment Award!

Award Recipients

Psychology Department Learning Goals for Psychology Undergraduate Students, Approved 12/2/05

  1. Content Area Knowledge: Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding representing appropriate breadth and depth in the primary content areas of psychology.
  2. Research: Students will demonstrate skills in designing and conducting research, analyzing data, and interpreting results in the context of current theories in psychology
  3. Technology: Students will demonstrate familiarity with computer technologies used in conducting psychological research and learning psychological principles.
  4. Critical Thinking: Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills with regards to psychology.
  5. Communication: Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate information about psychology effectively.
  6. Global Citizenship/Ethical Behavior: Students will interact effectively, sensitively, and ethically with people from diverse backgrounds and demonstrate understanding of the sociocultural contexts that influence individual differences

The following document provides a comprehensive report of the Psychology Department's Assessment Activites.

Psychology Comprehensive Exam

This exam is for all graduating seniors in the psychology major.

Graduating Senior Survey (complete this survey in your final term at EIU)

Capstone Assessment for Faculty