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Mr. Steven M. DiNaso

Mr. Steven M. DiNaso

Instructor, Geography; (Ph.D. ABD)
Co-Manager of Geographic Information Science Lab, ESRI CTP/CompTIA CTT+

Office: 2030 - Physical Science
Phone: (217) 581-6248
Email: sdinaso@eiu.edu

Steven DiNaso's Vita
As a Geospatial Scientist, my research interests and activities involve numerous integrative, interdisciplinary, and multimodal approaches in applied spatio-temporal and spatio-statistical modeling for the Physical Sciences; most notably in the fields of Archaeometry, Archaeology, Physical Geography, Historical Geography, and Geology.  I also have interest in GIS for Government, particularly Automated Mapping and Facilities Management (AM/FM) related to Infrastructural Mapping and Asset Management, Land Use, and Urban Planning.

Frequently Taught Courses

I teach the following courses, all of which I designed, proposed, and implemented here at EIU.
GEG 3810-5810            Geographic Information Science I
To attain a level of proficiency in GIS using Esri ArcGIS which will allow the student to effectively merge into the mainstream GIS community, and to accomplish the methods and procedures necessary to perform basic thematic mapping and spatial analysis.
GEG 3860-5860            Geographic Information Science II
Advance your foundational ArcGIS skills by learning how to obtain reliable results from different types of GIS analysis. You will apply a standard workflow to efficiently solve spatial problems using a variety of ArcGIS tools, and vector, raster, and temporal data. Techniques to effectively share your analysis workflows and results are covered. This course is taught using ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced.

GEG 3850-5850            GPS: Mapping the Modern Way
To attain a level of proficiency in GPS using handheld and survey-grade GPS,  to provide a framework with which GPS data collection is visualized using GIS modeling, and to accomplish the methods and procedures necessary to perform basic GPS field methods including, data collection, data processing, and data management.
GEG 3830-5830            Building Geodatabases
This course covers the fundamental concepts of building ‘Geodatabases,’ – Relational Database Management Systems, and focuses on the storage, management, and quality control of GIS data. Students will learn how to create Personal and File-Based Esri Geodatabases, how to migrate existing data to a geodatabase, and how to edit data stored in a geodatabase. 


I am a Geospatial Scientist in the Department of Geography & Geology at Eastern Illinois University and have served full-time in this capacity as a faculty member since 2004.  I earned a BS in Geology from Eastern Illinois University (1995), received an MS in Geography from Indiana State University (2008), and am presently Ph.D. ABD in the Department of Earth & Environmental Systems, Indiana State University (2013).  Since 2004, I have been an Esri Authorized, Certified Training Professional (CTP), and is a CompTIACertified TechnicalTrainer (CTT+).  Over the years, I have held a multitude of Esri Instructor-Led courses and have trained hundreds of students in the geospatial sciences...



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