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Student-Athletes Giving Back

Sep 14

Last weekend, I received an email from a community member expressing appreciation for our university's service to Habitat for Humanity. Student-athletes from our intercollegiate swimming, cross country, and basketball programs were all involved. Volunteerism and community service -- a great way for EIU to be a part of the wider community! Read More

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Another Successful Homecoming

Oct 24

The weather for Homecoming weekend was perfect! Alumni, students, faculty, staff and community members all came together to enjoy that weather and celebrate this "family reunion" for EIU. This celebration of the personal relationships our alumni have maintained for so many years makes Homecoming one of the most ... Read More

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Eastern's Commitment to Service

Apr 23

Service is one of the most important ways we can connect with our communities. On Saturday, April 21, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Panther Service Day with more than 600 students getting involved in community service projects both locally and in other communities ... Read More

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Capitalizing on Community Support

Jun 27

The other day, I visited with -- and thanked -- Dan Pilson of Pilson Auto Center, who donated a truck for our use in biodiesel testing. This fuel, made from waste cooking oil and other sources, is a research interest of our faculty and staff... Read More

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Collaborating Research Efforts

Jul 12

A couple days ago, I visited the Charleston waste water facility to witness the collaboration taking place between the city and EIU's students and faculty on a research project involving algae and their ability to purify effluent. It turns out ... Read More

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Off and Running!

Aug 24

We are off to a great start to the new academic year with our students, faculty and staff helping new students move into their campus residences, leading small group discussions of this year's Eastern Reads book selection ... Read More

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Proud Host of Our Youth

Jul 03

This summer, I have had the pleasure to attend events associated with the American Legion Girls State and Boys State, state championship competition for Illinois High School Association track and field as well as badminton, and other statewide groups we're pleased to host on EIU's campus. Read More

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A Moving Tribute to Veterans

Nov 08

On Nov. 7, I attended an inspirational concert by the EIU Wind Symphony. The concert was a tribute to veterans, and we had many veterans and their families in attendance ... Read More

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Girls on the Run!

Apr 14

Saturday, April 12, was a beautiful day for the Girls on the Run 5K held on campus. I was there to see hundreds of runners and also hundreds of EIU students, faculty, and staff who volunteer ... Read More

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