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Meeting with Luo Aiping

Aug 30

President Perry Luo AipingAt EIU, you have the opportunity to interact with students and faculty from all over the world. One way we create such opportunities is by developing partnerships with universities in other countries. On Aug. 25, I signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Chairman Luo Aiping of Hankou University of China. Essentially, this document is meant to create student and faculty exchanges, increase study abroad opportunities ... Read More

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EIU Alumni: An Invaluable Commodity

Sep 08

EIU Alumni AssociationLast weekend, I enjoyed lunch with some students and an EIU grad who had provided an excellent short-term internship last summer. Our alumni connect with current students and support them in many ways: They arrange for internship opportunities, volunteer their time to our career center ... Read More

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EIU Conversation on Renewable Energy

Oct 04

President Perry EIU ConversationI recently joined WEIU-TV's crew to shoot video for an episode of EIU Conversation focused on our Renewable Energy Center and how it is making EIU even more green. Jack Neal, WEIU's general manager, visited with me about the research, education and public service the REC supports. Read More

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Visit from the Iraqi Ambassador

Oct 04

A little over a week ago, EIU was privileged to hear a speech from Samir Shakir Mahmood Sumaid'ie, the Iraqi ambassador to the United States. Dvorak Concert Hall was filled with students, faculty, staff and community members who not only enjoyed the speech, but participated in a lengthy Q&A session. Read More

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Another Successful Homecoming

Oct 24

The weather for Homecoming weekend was perfect! Alumni, students, faculty, staff and community members all came together to enjoy that weather and celebrate this "family reunion" for EIU. This celebration of the personal relationships our alumni have maintained for so many years makes Homecoming one of the most ... Read More

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Thoughts on Fall Commencement

Dec 19

This past Saturday was a day of great joy and celebration for the EIU community as we held our annual fall commencement ceremony. As the graduates crossed the stage, the look in their eyes and spring in their step showed resolve and optimism in facing the future. As I congratulated each graduate and they voiced their thanks, I thought of how our newest alumni will make the most of their educations in changing society for the better ... Read More

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Articulation Agreements with RCC

Feb 03

This week, as part of our commitment to affordable access to higher education, I and several EIU colleagues traveled to Richland Community College in Decatur to formally sign articulation agreements that provide road maps to students who start at Richland and then complete their bachelor's degree at EIU ... Read More

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Reaching Out

Sep 14

Yesterday, I walked the neighborhood next to campus with students, staff, and city government officials to reach out to our community residents and off-campus students with friendly greetings, conversation, and information. We do this every year ... Read More

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A Moving Tribute to Veterans

Nov 08

On Nov. 7, I attended an inspirational concert by the EIU Wind Symphony. The concert was a tribute to veterans, and we had many veterans and their families in attendance ... Read More

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