Textbook Rental

At Eastern Illinois University, we take pride in our ability to provide our students a top-notch education at an affordable price. A significant factor in that affordability is our Textbook Rental Service. Compared to the expense of buying the same books, our rental program saves the average student $800-$1000 every year. That kind of annual savings over a college career undoubtedly makes EIU a viable choice for students who otherwise may not have been able to attend.

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LeslieA - 09/20/11 12:21pm

I always tell people that one of the best things about EIU was the textbook rental -- minus the long lines. :) Looks like it has a nice new home. I don't think you realize how great it is until you attend another institution and get a shock with the price you pay and then the low amount they buy back. So glad to see this service is still there for students!


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