Terror on the Eighth Floor!

On my most recent "Escape from Old Main" in the Carman Hall lounge, I met quite a few students. Among them was Nick Fulco, who is hall president. I learned from Nick that Carman Hall held a haunted house event called "Terror on the Eighth Floor". That event raised almost 600 dollars for charity and almost 250 canned food items for their food drive. I am really proud of EIU's students: They look for opportunities to serve the community. Carman Hall's efforts are representative of Eastern's spirit of service among our students.

Comment Ryan Wood - 12/12/11 2:32
"Terror on the Eighth Floor" was outstanding and is just one example of the great things EIU students are doing to serve the campus and community. Another example is the EIU Blueprint which is a student wiki page that is overflowing with helpful information for both current and future students. We will be sure to ad "Terror on the Eighth Floor" to the entertainment page on our wiki for next year. Please feel free to visit our page at www.eiublueprint.pbworks.com

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