July, 2007

  • Send letter to University community
  • Send letter to external constituents
  • Meet with President’s Council

August - October 2007

  • Meet with campus and external groups

November 2007

  • Draft Preliminary report
  • Consult with Council of Deans before dissemination
  • Consult with Council on University Planning and Budget
  • Send preliminary report to internal audiences
  • Hold retreat with Board of Trustees to discuss report
  • Formulate recommendations for future actions

December 2007 - January 2008

  • Disseminate recommendations to the University community and external audiences via meetings and print/electronic communications
  • Meet with Council on University Planning and Budget

January 2008

  • Develop VP goals to support the institutional priorities

February 2008

  • Develop initiatives at the dean/director level to support the VP goals

March 2008

  • Review initiatives by President and President’s Council
  • Determine budgetary implications for FY '10
  • Align institutional planning priorities with accompanying budgetary needs
  • Evaluate impact of institutional priorities on FY '09 budget

April 2008

  • Develop the FY '10 budget according to the identified institutional priorities
  • Communicate proposed budgetary priorities to the campus community
  • Consult with the BOT on the impact of institutional priorities on the FY '09 budget
  • Revise the FY '09 budget as needed

May - June 2008

  • Request approval of the FY '10 budget request at the June BOT meeting