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About the Program

Nursing is personally satisfying, financially rewarding, and in demand across the country. The following information should help you make some important choices that will affect your college career.

Note: If you are planning to take courses at a local community college, contact the Office of Transfer Relations regarding course transfer.

Pre-Nursing Choices

If you are already a nurse and have earned an associate's degree, EIU's RN to BSN Completion Program will help you earn your bachelor's degree.

For those who are not currently nurses, Eastern offers two options:

Nursing-Related Courses at EIU

Below is a list of EIU courses that would be required in most nursing programs. However, this list DOES NOT replace information from the nursing program of your choice!

Chemistry and Biology

Course No.Course Name
CHM 1310, 1315 General Chemistry I
CHM 1410, 1415 General Chemistry II
CHM 2430, 2435 Organic Chemistry
BIO 1100 General Biology
BIO 2200 Human Anatomy
BIO 2001G
BIO 3520
Human Physiology
Animal Physiology
BIO 1004G
BIO 3300
Practical Microbiology
General Microbiology

General Education

Course No.Course Name
ANT 2200G Intro to Anthropology
ENG 1001G, 1002G Composition and Language, Composition and Literature
CMN 1310G Speech Communication
FCS 2100 Nutrition in Society
MAT 2250G Statistics

Other Courses

Course No.Course Name
SOC 2710 Intro to Sociology
PHI 1000G Intro to Philosophy
PHY 1879G Intro to Psychology
FCS 1800 Life Span and Development

Additional courses in social sciences/humanities and physical science are required by individual programs. Make sure to familiarize yourself with each program's specific requirements before making your decision on which institution to attend.