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Tentative course offerings

Nursing-Related Courses at EIU

Below is a list of EIU courses that would be required in most nursing programs. However, this list DOES NOT replace information from the nursing program of your choice!

Chemistry and Biology

Course No.Course Name
BIO 1001G Biological Principals
BIO 1004G Practical Microbiology
BIO 2210 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 2220 Anatomy and Physiology II
CHM 1310, 1315 General Chemistry I
CHM 1410, 1415 General Chemistry II

General Education

Course No.Course Name
ENG 1001G, 1002G Composition and Language, Composition and Literature
CMN 1310G Speech Communication
3 hrs Fine Arts
3 hrs Humanities
3 hrs Humanities or Fine Arts
SOC 1838G Introduction to Sociology
PSY 1879G Introduction to Psychology
3 hrs Social and Behavioral Sciences

Other Courses

Course No.Course Name
FCS 2100 Personal Nutrition
FCS 1800 Life Span and Development
MAT 2250G Statistics