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LSAT Preparation

  • Obtain a copy of the LSAT &LSDAS Registration and Information Book from the pre-law advisor's office (2321 Coleman Hall).
  • LSAT exams are offered at EIU four times each year: February, June, September or October, and December.
  • Register to take the test early. If you hope to attend law school the fall following your graduation, consider taking the June exam prior to your senior year. September-October of your senior year is also a good choice; the December exam is cutting it very close, and the February exam is too late for many law schools.
  • Study hard for the LSAT: plan to take it once and only once, and do well. If you do poorly, consider retaking the LSAT; many law schools accept the best of two or even three LSAT scores.
  • For many students, taking multiple practice LSATs is the most effective way to study for the real LSAT.
  • Excellent preparatory material can be checked out from the Booth Library (course reserves; course: Pre-Law Program; Department: Political Science; instructor: Swenson) or purchased. Worthwhile products offered by the LSAC (Law School Admission Council) include the TriplePrep Plus (order online at www.LSAC.org.) and an interactive computer-based study tool, "Itemwise."
  • Take the Mock LSAT and the LSAT Prep Course offered spring semester by the Pre-Law Society.
  • Consider taking a commercial LSAT prep course, especially if you are not a self-motivated studier or your scores on sample tests are not good.
  • LSAC offers a fee waiver for the LSAT and the LSDAS (Law School Data Assembly Service) for qualifying low income students. See the pre-law advisor for an application.