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Financial Assistance

Once you are accepted as a graduate student in our program, you may be eligible for an graduate assistantship award, which provides you with a monthly stipend and tuition waiver. In addition, graduate assistants are eligible for summer tuition waivers up to ten credit hours. Our current stipend is $890 per month, for a total of $8010 for the full academic year.

For a fall assistantship award, you must complete the assistantship application by March 1. For a spring assistantship award, you must complete your assistantship application by Nov. 1.

In addition to our departmental assistantships, additional assistantships exists across the university, and the department offers two graduate scholarships in the spring semester.

We have a diverse graduate student body, including a number of international students. We have had students come to our department from all over the world, including Albania, Azerbaijan, Brazil, China, Estonia, Ghana, Hungary, India, Japan, Latvia, Romania, Senegal, Togo, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. International students should also apply for the International Student Scholarship, which provides a tuition waiver up to nine hours of graduate coursework.