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 Melinda A Mueller

Melinda A Mueller

Professor and Graduate Coordinator

Office: 2010 - Coleman Hall
Phone: 217 581 3022
Fax: 217 581 2926
Email: mamueller@eiu.edu

Dr. Mueller (B.A. Susquehanna University, M.A., Ph.D. Rochester) serves as the department's Graduate Coordinator. She received the 2008 Faculty Laureate for undergraduate general education teaching, the 2009 Teaching Excellence Award in the College of Sciences, and several Achievement and Contribution Awards.

Professor Mueller teaches the graduate seminar on Congress. At the undergraduate level, she teaches Introduction to American Government, Interest Groups & Lobbying, Environmental Politics & Policy, Introduction to Political Science Research, and the Political Science capstone. She regularly directs undergraduate and graduate independent studies and theses in the area of congressional politics, public policy, interest groups, and women and politics. 

Professor Mueller primarily conducts research on gender and politics, focusing on questions of descriptive and substantive policy representation. Her publications include a book chapter on "soccer moms" and voting, in Engaging the Public: How the Government and Media Can Reinvigorate American Democracy and a forthcoming chapter on gender, campaigning and Twitter, in Social Media and Politics, co-authored with students. She also has a f
orthcoming publications include research on Teddy Roosevelt and conservationism in From the Bully Pulpit: Presidential Rhetoric, Speeches, and the Shaping of Public Policy. She has also published in PS: Political Science & Politics, The Thomas Jefferson Law Review, The U.S. Government and the Environment, and Managing Environmental Policies: A Casebook. This fall, she will be working with teams of students to collect data on how and where women serve in county and local governments in Illinois. 

Professor Mueller serves on local education-related boards and councils, including the Charleston school music boosters and Excellence in Education Foundation.

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