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Academic Reputation and Faculty Strengths

Eastern Illinois University is one of the leading ranked comprehensive institutions in the United States which emphasizes excellence in teaching and research. The Department of Political Science faculty consists of teachers and scholars with excellent reputations for working closely with graduate students. We view close faculty-student collaboration as one of our primary missions. You will study under faculty who prioritize your educational needs. You will also study with faculty who have received numerous teaching and research awards. Our faculty's published research has appeared in the leading journals in political science and international affairs.


First Choice Graduate Programs

The Department of Political Science has earned the honorable designation as a "First Choice" program at Eastern Illinois University.


firstchoiceprogram Graduate programs achieving the distinction of "First Choice" have applied for and been subjected to rigorous review from EIU's Council on Graduate Studies — with oversight from The Graduate School — to ensure they meet the highest standards of scholarly excellence as evidenced through sustained achievement of criteria developed and adopted by the council in 2006.


Criteria for designation as a First Choice program can be accessed by clicking here. You can also click here to see a listing of all graduate programs currently carrying the First Choice distinction.