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Dr. Richard A Wandling

Dr. Richard A Wandling

Chair and Professor

Office: 2331 - Coleman Hall
Phone: 217-581-2523
Fax: 217-581-2926
Email: rawandling@eiu.edu

Richard Wandling's Vita

Dr. Wandling (Ph.D., Miami University) teaches primarily in the areas of public administration; state government and politics; and cities and urban politics/policy. His research agenda focuses on energy and environmental policy, particularly framing of energy/environmental policy debates, issues and processes. Recent publication activities include a chapter on Rationality and Rational Choice for a Sage Publications handbook on 21st Century Political Science and an entry on Tax Expenditures in the second edition of Sage’s Encyclopedia of Housing.

Dr. Wandling is Chair of the Political Science Department, returning to that position in July 2012. Prior to this, he had served in the department chair role during the 1997-2009 period. He is the faculty advisor for the Political Science Association—an EIU registered student organization (RSO) for undergraduate and graduate students interested in discussing and debating politics, government and public policy. His professional service includes past membership on the Political Science Panel of the Illinois Articulation Initiative, which focuses on course transferability questions between community colleges and four-year institutions. Dr. Wandling also continues to be involved as a contributor to he Executive Committee of the Illinois Political Science Association, for which he also is one of its past presidents.

Professor Wandling has been involved in community service activities, such as his present membership in the Charleston Rotary Club and previous leadership positions on the boards of non-profit organizations (the Charleston Community Day Care Center and Coles County Habitat for Humanity). He also has been involved in applied political science such as attending a summer leadership institute held by the American Federation of Teachers, serving as a precinct committeeman for a political party along with being a county-level officer, and serving on a city government-based ad hoc committee to explore issues and opportunities associated with municipal home rule. 

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