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The Political Science Association

The Political Science Association (PSA) provides EIU political science students with the opportunity to engage in discussions of political issues, to assist students in learning about political science careers, and to encourage student participation in political activities. This group is open to all majors and minors of Political Science as well as any other students interested in Political Science. It is also a great way to meet others who share an interest in Political Science. Though the organization attempts to analyze events from an objective viewpoint, individual political views inevitably present themselves and have in the past led to some very productive informal debates on the implications of certain events and issues. Thus, this organization should appeal to anyone seeking to analyze the world of politics and government and debate political questions and policy issues in an informal setting (e.g., the meaning of the 2012 Presidential election results; fairness in federal taxes and spending; education reform; U.S. defense policy strategies; the debate over laws and regulations concerning access to and use of guns, etc.).

Additionally, the PSA has organized and participated in many events that aim to inform the general student body about political science and various issues in the world of politics. Additionally, the PSA sponsors career and major oriented panels for students. The PSA typically meets weekly in one of the Coleman PLS classrooms, during the early evening. Any student interested in joining may contact the Faculty Advisors, Dr. Melinda Mueller (mamueller@eiu.edu) or Dr. Richard Wandling (rawandling@eiu.edu).