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PLS Alumni on COS Advisory Board


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PLS Alumni on the COS Advisory Board


One way our Political Science alumni have an impact is through bringing back their expertise and experience to Eastern Illinois University.  The College of Sciences Advisory Committee is one such opportunity.  This committee typically meets twice an academic year to serve as a forum for advising the Dean and the college's department chairs, particularly on matters such as the interface between higher education and the needs of public, private and nonprofit organizations.

Three PLS alumni who have contributed greatly to the efforts of this board are:

  • Jean Galovich (Manager of Employee Benefits for the Cook County Department of Risk Management)
  • Brian Hurst (Attorney with Beutel Hurst Boleky, LLC)
  • Robert Glover (Vice President, Cardinal Health


For more information on these three outstanding alumni and what they each bring to their advisory roles, check out the Advisory Board link on the College of Sciences website.  Both Jean Galovich and Brian Hurst are current members of the COS Advisory Board, and Robert Glover is an Emeritus board member after having served for a number of years.