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Pre Law Society/Phi Alpha Delta

Political Science Majors interested in careers in law and issues facing federal, state and local courts are encouraged to join the Pre Law Society.  The President for AY 2013-14 is Ashley Shula, who can be contacted at amshula@eiu.edu.

Some members of the Eastern Illinois University Pre-Law Society are also members of Phi Alpha Delta (PAD), an international legal fraternal organization, www.pad.org. Membership in P.A.D. requires an additional fee and is optional. The Pre-Law Society/P.A.D. is a registered student organization with the Office of Student Life. Activities include sponsoring speakers, organizing visits to law schools, fund raising and charity events, sponsoring a Mock LSAT, social events, and organizing a trip to the U of I for the MAPLA Law School Caravan. For more information, contact Dr. Karen Swenson (kbswenson@eiu.edu).