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The SYMPOSIUM is Eastern Illinois University’s student run philosophy journal. It includes academic papers as well as philosophical discussions on relevant contemporary issues. The journal is published each semester starting in Spring 2011.

The Query is the playful, interactive section within the journal. It includes creative pieces, the Query of the Issue (essay responses to a specific philosophical inquiry), The Round Table (a discourse amongst philosophy faculty and students) and interviews. Visit our blog atthequery.wordpress.com

All students, faculty, and alumni of Eastern Illinois University are invited to submit papers of a philosophical nature to the journal. While many universities publish journals which only accept undergraduate work, we have chosen a “road less traveled.” There is a remarkably strong sense of community at EIU's philosophy department. Our faculty, students, and alumni exchange ideas and engage in continuous discourse as if we were not merely a department of students and teachers, but a “family” of diverse thinkers. We would like the SYMPOSIUM to reflect this integrated nature. Because of this, you will find a most uncommon intermingling of dialogue betwixt scholar and teacher within the pages of what we have so aptly named the SYMPOSIUM.

There are weekly editorial meetings on Thursdays at 5:30p in the Philosophy Seminar Room, Rm. 3752. We welcome all minds to join us in the creation of a journal.

Please email submissions to the Editor-in-Chief, Cecily Randle El, at cjrandleel@eiu.edu


Senior Editors

Editor-in-Chief: Cecily Randle El (cjrandleel@eiu.edu)

Senior Academic Editor: Michaela Buskohl (mebuskohl@eiu.edu)

Senior Editor of the Query: Andrew Moran (ajmoran@eiu.edu)

Art Director: Gerald Cotiangco

Copy Editor: Lisa Myers (lrmyers@eiu.edu)

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