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Welcome to the Philosophy Department!  

Philosophy is the rigorous study of the biggest questions there are:  What is the fundamental nature of reality?  What are the limits of human knowledge? What is the best kind of life?  What is love?  What is happiness?  Does God exist?  How do we know?  Why is there something rather than nothing?  And many many more!

What do you want out of your life?  Not yet sure?  Then philosophy might be just the right area of study for you!

The Philosophy Department at EIU has faculty members representing all of the major branches of both Eastern and Western philosophy.  We cultivate a friendly and inclusive community where all are welcome!  

Philosophers enjoy nothing more than just hanging out, drinking coffee, and talking. The pace here is a little different from the hectic and chaotic world.  Here you can pause for a moment and ponder the deepest and most important questions of life.  

So please feel free to stop by just to chat and relax!  

But, wait, what can you do with a philosophy degree?  Anything you want!  Our majors have gone on to pursue many different kinds of careers.  Some are in law school, some in graduate school, others are traveling and writing, others are pursuing careers in business, computer technology, music, teaching, -- you name it!  Philosophy doesn't train you narrowly for just one job, it helps you become a more reflective, rational, and thoughtful person and that sets you up to pursue whatever kind of life you want to live!  


EIU Philosophy News

  • Philosophy Department hosts a Halloween discussion panel:



  • EIU Department of Philosophy hosts the 2015 Illinois Philosophical Association Conference.  

Why Choose EIU for Philosophy?

We believe in everything our program has to offer, but let's narrow it down to a few key reasons you should check us out.