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Emerging Leaders (Freshman Students)  

Emerging Leaders is a three-month program offered every spring that is designed to guide and support students during their first year at EIU. Emerging Leaders will explore various leadership topics, learn about themselves and develop their own leadership style. Emerging Leaders connect students to campus by encouraging involvement in campus activities, dedication to academic excellence, providing support and guidance during the first year of college, and linking students to campus and community leaders.

Goals and Objectives:
  • To teach basic leadership skills.
  • To connect students to EIU and provide opportunities for students to become involved on campus.
  • To help students become successful academically and personally.
  • To provide opportunities for community participation.

Click here if you are a student who would like to become an Emerging Leader


Transfer Leadership Institute (Transfer Students) 

The Transfer Leadership Institute (TLI) is offered every fall.  This six week program will challenge students to grow personally and professionally through interactive activities and discussions.  These weekly sessions are designed to cultivate students leadership style and introduce them to campus resources. TLI will enhance an individuals skill set and will be an asset for the variety of roles students play both inside and outside of the classroom. The Transfer Leadership Institute aids students in integrating classroom knowledge and professional skill set while providing support and guidance for its members during their time at Eastern.

Fall 2014 Details: TLI will begin on October 14 and conclude November 18, meetings are every Tuesday from 4:30p.m.-6:30p.m.  

Themes From Weekly Sessions:

  • Connecting to EIU beyond the classroom
  • Developing Personal Leadership Styles
  • Understanding Stages of Group Dynamics
  • Exercising Critical Thinking
  • Appreciating & Valuing Diversity
Not currently accepting applications.