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Why Choose EIU


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Building Connections Through Music

Director of Bands Dr. Alicia Neal gives some insight into her musical life and what it is like for her to teach what she loves. Read more...


The department offers a distinguished faculty, individualized instruction and extensive performance opportunities. Graduate study in music offers the flexibility to tailor your studies to your professional interests.

Dynamic faculty will work with you to develop your individual skills and talents. Through a variety of study and performance experiences, you will fine-tune your skills to help you realize future goals. At EIU, you will find an environment that supports your development as a creative and performing artist. .

Performance Opportunities

There are many opportunities for students in the EIU Department of Music to perform, utilizing our state-of-the-art facilities.



Foundation for the Future

After completing masters study, many EIU graduates pursue advanced degrees or professional roles in performance, teaching or conducting. As a recognized NASM music program, EIU will prepare you well to enter any school of your choice for a PhD or DMA in music.


Successful Teachers of Tomorrow

Chris Mroczek


The EIU music faculty inspired Chris Mroczek to continue his development in music and to become an educator himself. Read more...


EIU has a strong tradition of preparing future educators based on our long history as a teachers’ institution. After successfully completing masters study, many of our students teach in well-respected music programs in Illinois and across the nation.