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Do I have to be a music major to be in the bands?

No!! The University Bands at EIU are open to any and all EIU students, regardless of major. In fact, almost all academic majors on Eastern's campus are represented in the bands! Musicians of all levels are welcome as long as they wish to make a musical contribution.

What bands can I join?

EIU has 3 concert bands, The Panther Marching Band, and the EIU Basketball Band. (There are also 2 Jazz Bands and several Jazz combos - check out the "Jazz Ensembles" link!) Wind Symphony, Concert Band, Eastern Symphonic Band, and the Panther Marching Band meet in the fall semester.  Wind Symphony, Concert Band, Eastern Symphonic Band, and Basketball Band meet in the Spring semester. All of these bands meet at different times during the day, and you are encouraged to participate in any and all of them!

Do I have to audition?

The Wind Symphony and Basketball Band have formal auditions.  The Concert Band is a non-auditioned ensemble open to all students during the fall semester, and is a fully auditioned ensemble during the spring semester.  The only auditions for the Concert Band (fall only), the Eastern Symphonic Band, and the Marching Band are part placement hearings. Wind Symphony and Concert Band (spring semester) audition requirements are posted online prior to the semester. These auditions include 2 or 3 short prepared excerpts or solos, sight reading, scales plus a chromatic scale to demonstrate range.  These auditions are held in early fall and either in December or January for the Spring Semester.  Part placement auditions for the University Bands are designed to place you on the part you are best suited to play, and involve no prepared pieces.

How much time is involved?

We know how busy you can be as a college student, so we work diligently to minimize the time involved, while maximizing the musical experience. The concert bands meet between 2-4 hours every week. The rehearsal sequences for Wind Symphony and Concert band require dedicated "outside" individual practice and sectional work, while the Eastern Symphonic Band provides a more relaxed atmosphere.

Tell me about the marching band, color guard and the Pink Panther Dance Team...

Please click here to visit the Panther Marching Band website for more information.

How do I sign up to be in the bands?

All you have to do is register for the band as if it were a normal academic class. The class numbers can be found in the EIU Registration newspapers OR in the EIU Undergraduate Catalog.