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Electronic Music Studio


Electronic music studio

The Electronic Music Studio is a state-of-the-art creative and instructional facility for the purpose of composing, researching, and mastering electronic and computer music. The EMS allows students to learn and interact with new music and sounds via digital and analog synthesis, signal processing, sample recording and sound manipulation, and the latest interactive sensor technology.

Students are granted access to the EMS in coordination with one of our course offerings on the topic of electronic music:
-      Music 2070: Electronic Music Studio Techniques
-      Music 1570, 3570, and/or 5570: Composition Lessons
-      Music 4600 and/or 5990: Independent Study in Electronic Music

The EMS hardware and software:
-      Macintosh Pro 8-core Tower
-      Samsung 42” LCD flat panel display
-      JBL 8.1 Surround Sound System
-      ProTools 7 / Digidesign 003 Rack
-      Logic Express
-      Max/MSP 5+Jitter
-      Ableton Live
-      Soundhack
-      Metasynth
-      Reason
-      ARP 2600 + Sequencer
-      Yamaha DX-7
-      Yamaha EX-5R
-      Proteus 2000
-      Virtuoso 2000
-      Electrotap Teabox Sensor Interface w/ infrared motion sensors
-      Infusionsystems I-CubeX system w/ pressure sensors

For more information about the Electronic Music Studios at Eastern Illinois University Department of Music, contact Dr. Brad Decker at bddecker@eiu.edu or call 217-581-3611.