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Digital Recording Studio

 Digital Recording Studio

The magnificent and technically advanced Doudna Fine Arts Center at Eastern Illinois University is fully equipped with a fantastic array of audio technologies for recording and live sound reinforcement.

Extremely high-quality digital recording is made available to students, faculty, guests and ensembles. In the custom-designed recording control room, performances can be remotely recorded from any of the music or theater performing spaces and the larger rehearsal rooms. Each performance space also has its own dedicated and equipped audio control room and amplifier/machine room.

The facility boasts four pairs of Schoeps CMC-6 recording microphones, and a wide array of others from Neumann, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser and more. These high-quality instruments are amplified through thirty-two channels of Millenia remotely-controlled preamplifiers.

The signals are digitized and sent through a dedicated network to the acoustically isolated control room, which centers around a Pro Tools HDIII recording system running on an eight-core Mac Pro, with a D-Command digital control surface.

Recordings are monitored on high-end PMC stereo monitors with Bryston amplification, and a Genelec 5.1 surround speaker system. There are also complete systems for video monitoring, intercom, headphone distribution, paging, hearing impaired audio, public address, and interfacing with television crews.

The Recital Hall contains an installed public address system with EAW speakers and a Midas Venice mixing desk. Dvorak Hall has a built-in voice public address system with wireless microphones, and also a large D+B PA system with monitors, that can be configured as needed. The large Dvorak control room contains a 56-channel APB analog mixing console, with audio and video links to the performance space. All systems are designed to be flexible with respect to location of speakers, microphones and mixer.

Jaffe Holden is the acoustics design company for the varied performing spaces of the new Doudna Arts Center. The electronic systems were designed by Ben Bausher, and installation was completed by AVI Systems, Inc.

Employment opportunities for students are available to work as recording or live sound engineers for department-sponsored concerts and recitals. Students interested in learning recording techniques may take Music 4600 (Independent Study in Digital Recording Technology).

For more information please contact Audio Director Jeff Zahos by telephone or via email at jszahos@eiu.edu.