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Course Content

The MSNS program includes content courses in the biological and physical sciences that will refresh and expand a teacher's knowledge while providing practical applications for middle and high school science educators. The Natural Sciences program is specifically designed to offer experiences that advance the professional and personal competencies and scholarship of science teachers. Students take core courses together that provide an opportunity for interaction between disciplines while completing course work in their area of concentration.


Summer Program

The MSNS program is designed for middle and high school science teachers and stresses the content and processes of natural sciences while integrating the use of technology in the classroom. Biological and physical science courses specifically designed for in-service teachers are available only during the six week summer term and allow teachers to complete their degree in three summers.


Research Assistantships

The MSNS program offers summer research assistantships that include a tuition waiver and a one month stipend. Assistantships provide a wonderful opportunity to work side-by-side in a lab or in the field with one of our research-active faculty and allows students to participate in meaningful projects that have a positive impact society.

Graduate Showcase

Graduate candidate Laura Brauer, gives insight on her research on evolutionary leaf anatomy.




Stellar Education

All of the courses in the MSNS program are taught by research-active faculty in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geology/Geography, and Physics. With small class sizes and a myriad of laboratory and field-based experiences, teachers will leave Eastern Illinois University empowered to use their knowledge to make their middle and high school science classes better.