MBA Alumnus James Thompson

James Thompson graduated from the MBA Program in Spring of 2010.  He is the founder of James Thompson Music.  He is also the marketing director and southern California representative for a speaker company.  He travels to numerous shows, installing large sound systems.

During his time in the MBA Program, Thompson collaborated with Dr. Denise Smith, Assistant Chair and Associate Professor of Management, in the research and writing of an article about the changing environment of copyright law. The article was entitled, “I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends: Solutions for the Recorded Music Industry,” and was co-presented at the annual Midwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business in Chicago by Dr. Smith and Thompson. An expanded version of this co-authored article was accepted for presentation and was published in the proceedings of the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business. Thompson praised the experience of working on the research project with Dr. Smith, saying that it greatly improved his skills as a researcher and was applicable to the field he is in, as he is currently a successful music composer and producer. Dr. Smith is one of the many School of Business graduate faculty members who devote a great deal of time to mentoring the research of both undergraduate and graduate students. Research is an integral part of the learning experience that we provide to our students, and without the dedication of faculty members like Dr. Smith, this critical integrative learning experience would not be possible.