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This graduate certificate program is designed for graduate students and professionals who want to further develop their professional skills and extend their knowledge of specific accounting issues.

To be eligible for admission, applicants must submit a Graduate School Application to the Graduate School and an MBA Program Application along with a professional resume, a list of references with contact information, and a professional goal statement to the MBA Office.

The School of Business Certificate in Accountancy requires 18 semester hours of elective courses in Accountancy. Students must take the following three courses:

Course Prerequisite(s)
ACC 5200, Financial ACC Standards ACC 3250 (ACC 3200, BUS 3710)
ACC 5400, Advanced Auditing & Assurance Services ACC 4700*, Admission to the MBA program or permission of the Coordinator, Graduate Business Studies
ACC 5450, Legal & Reg. Env. of Acc. Prof. BUS 2750, Legal and Social Environment of Business. No credit for students who have successfully completed MGT 3470 and MGT 3480.

In addition, students must choose 9 semester hours from the courses listed below:

Course Prerequisite(s)
ACC 4800, Federal Income Taxation II ACC 4400, Federal Income Taxation I * (ACC 3250, ACC 3900, BUS 3710)
ACC 5000, Fraud Examination Admission to the MBA program or permission of the Coordinator, Graduate Business Studies
ACC 5100, Special Topics in Accounting Determined by subject matter
ACC 5300, Strategic Cost Management ACC 3300 (MAT 2110G, MAT 2120G) or MBA 5605
ACC 5700, Seminar of Challenges in ACC ACC 3200

*Prerequisite for all 4000-level ACC courses: cumulative EIU GPA of 2.5 or higher

Concurrent courses: Students are strongly encouraged to take ACC 3200 concurrently with ACC 3300. Students are strongly encouraged to take ACC 3250 concurrently with ACC 3900.

Upon approval from the graduate coordinator, all graduate course credits completed for the certificate program may be applied to a Master's of Business Administration degree at Eastern Illinois University as electives or to fulfill requirements for the concentration in accountancy. All courses applied to the certificate or degree program must be completed within the six-year time limit. All other regulations established by the Graduate School pertaining to degree study will be applicable to the courses for concurrent or future degree program.