About the Program

The MBA program provides students these choices:

MBA with Research Option: The Research Option is designed for students who want to focus on business research and quantitative methods for research. Students would want to complete the Research Option if their goals are to continue their education and pursue a Ph.D., or if they have an interest in conducting research with a faculty mentor.

MBA with Applied Management Option: The Applied Management Option is focused on “hands-on” development of students’ intellectual and creative capacities. The program addresses a broad range of business-related skills emphasizing a combination of teamwork, writing, contemporary global and ethical issues, and analytical skills that can be immediately put into practice.

MBA with Accountancy Concentration: The Accountancy Concentration is intended for students who have completed an undergraduate degree in accounting, and the program will prepare students to meet the educational requirements necessary to take the Certified Public Accountant examination.

Certificate of Accountancy: This graduate certificate program is designed for graduate students and professionals who want to further develop their professional skills and extend their knowledge of specific accounting issues.

For prerequisite information regarding the MBA with Research Option and the MBA with Applied Management Option , see the Phase I prerequisites.  For prerequisite information regarding the MBA with Accountancy Concentration, see the Phase I prerequisites and the accountancy prerequisitesClick here for information regarding selected modules offered in place of certain Phase I courses. The modules cover the essential prerequisite material and consist of six hours of instruction, taught over two evenings on a pass/fail basis.

You can review our Phase I equivalencies from central Illinois community colleges and universities here.

The EIU MBA offers you full-time and part-time flexibility. We also offer courses at both EIU in Charleston and at Parkland College in Champaign; click here for more information on our facilities and locations. For information on cost of attendance and scholarships, click here.

Check out the write up from U.S. News and World Report on EIU here.  


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The MBA program at Eastern Illinois University is designed so that students can complete their program of study on a part-time or full-time basis. Classes offered at Eastern's campus in Charleston start at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Classes available in Champaign at Parkland College begin at 6:30 p.m. or 7:00 p.m. All MBA classes offered at Parkland or Eastern are taught by full-time, doctoral qualified faculty from EIU's School of Business.

You can meet with the MBA Coordinator at EIU to find out more about the program. Stop by Lumpkin Hall room 4025 or call 217-581-3028 to schedule an appointment.

The MBA Coordinator also schedules appointments at the Parkland site to meet with prospective and current part-time students for academic advising. To schedule an appointment at Parkland, please contact Anna Peterson at the EIU Office at Parkland College, 217-351-2543.

As soon as all of the Phase I prerequisite courses are completed, off-campus, part-time students can complete the program within two years, taking two graduate level courses each semester. The tentative schedule of course offerings will give you an idea of when the classes are offered at Eastern and Parkland.


Lumpkin Hall on Eastern Illinois University's campus in Charleston, IL is the home of the MBA program. This state-of-the-art facility offers the latest computer technology in classrooms and computer labs, including wireless internet access, extensive software, and electronic communication capabilities.

The modern campus of Parkland College in Champaign, IL serves as an off-campus site for Eastern's MBA program. This major urban location serves the needs of adult professionals with the flexibility of a fully-accredited program for students needing part-time study.

Eastern has seen vast improvements to its campus over the past few years. The Booth Library renovation project was one of the most successful projects to be completed recently. The newly-renovated library is a beautiful, state-of-the-art research facility located on Eastern's campus within a few hundred yards of Lumpkin Hall, where all core MBA classes are held. To learn more about EIU's Booth Library click here to visit the Booth Library homepage.


The figures below indicate the estimated tuition and fees for a full-time MBA student who has already completed all Phase I courses and will complete the MBA program within the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Data has been taken from estimated 2012-2013 figures from Financial Aid; all figures are approximate. Click here for more detailed information from the Financial Aid website. If you would like more information on housing at EIU, click here.

In-State: $12,968.00

Out-of-State: $25,871.00

Internal EIU scholarships open to MBA students include the Foster C. Rinefort Scholarship; the Li Zhang Memorial Scholarship; the Judge and Usha Oberoi Scholarship; and the Accountancy Advisory Board MBA Concentration in Accountancy Scholarship. Scholarships administered through the Graduate School at EIU include the Frances Meyer Hampton Graduate Scholarship Award. Competitive awards are also available through the Graduate School. For more details about financial assistance through the Graduate School, click here.

External sources for finanacial assistance are also available. For resources on paying for your mba, visit the mba.com website. Click here for information on the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholarship program.