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Colloquium Schedule

Colloquium is held Fridays at 4 p.m. in Old Main Room 2231.

Spring 2014

Jan. 17   No Colloquium Scheduled
Jan. 24

E.I. Gordon

Atoms, Molecules and Mathematics, Part I
Jan. 31 E.I. Gordon Atoms, Molecules and Mathematics, Part II
Feb. 7    
Feb. 12 Mosche Adrian The Local Converse Problem for GL(n,F)
Feb. 14   No Colloquium Scheduled
Feb. 17 Kate Kearney Knots, Concordance, and the Stable Concordance Genus
Feb. 19 Yevgena Movshovich Estimating Chunks of Series and Bernoulli Binomial Inversions
Feb. 21 Andy Parrish Diophantine Approximation  for Translation Surfaces
Feb. 24 David Cook II Enumerations Deciding the Weak Lefchetz Property
Feb. 26 Rob Harron The Arithmetic Statistics of Elliptic Curves
Mar. 7   No Colloquium Scheduled
Mar. 14   No Colloquium Scheduled
Mar. 21 Patrick Coulton Fun with Finite Galois Fields
Mar. 28 Edray Herber Goins  Why Should I Care About Elliptic Curves
Apr. 4 Florin Boca Non-randomness of the Distribution of Rational Numbers (Stern-Brocot vs. Farey)
Apr. 9 Anastasia Shabanskaya Six Dimensional Lie Algebras with a 5 Dimensional Nilradical
Apr. 11 Anabela Maia The Mathematics Behind the Biology of Aquatic Locomotion
Apr. 18 Nigel Boston Information Inequalities, the Entropic Region,  and the Four-Atom Conjecture
Apr. 25 Krzysztof Jarosz Automatic Continuity from a Personal Perspective
May 2    


Past colloquium titles and abstracts are archived here.

The Geometry, Dynamics, and Topology Days are scheduled for April 26, 2014.